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You can now place an ad/offer in our newsletter that we send to over 931,000 Metro Detroiters. (click to see them) All you have to do is register your $25.00 a month membership at our website (click to register) using the word Metromail . As a member , the cost is only $225.00 per zip to place an ad/offer in our newsletter and includes a series of 7 bi-weekly emails and lets you speak directly to thousands of local buyers. A single one time email cost is $55.00 per zip. You can send to one or however many zips you choose. All of our subscribers are :
  • Experienced online
  • Employed
  • Responded they want local
  • Buyers
  • Between 35-55
  • The ones most apt to share a good find

  • When our subscriber clicks on your special they are sent to a landing page that has a countdown timer and how many specials are left. Also they are shown days and times they would most likely go to your business to use it. Then they can click on the day and time to claim it and get their instructions. We have found that when people claim something with a day and time that they actually use it ( +/- 6%) . The countdown and quantity remaining creates a sense of urgency , which results in more customers for you as almost nobody wants to miss out on a great find.
    So lets say you are a restaurant and you are saying get 2 or more entrees and dessert is on us , you have 5 dates and times ( six actually because you always add "Don't Know") and you send to our 4,960 subscribers in 48125 Dearborn Heights. You would get over 3,124 subscribers opening our newsletter immediately and your stats would look like :
  • Day 1 = 110 claims
  • Day 2 = 135 claims
  • Day3 = 160 claims
  • Day 4 = 140 claims
  • Day 5 = 130 claims
  • Don't Know = 200 claims

  • This is historical data and applies to any business , product , service , yard sale , church sale , whatever. If you went with one date for like a fundraiser fish dinner or something figure about 342 claims. One thing is sure , our subscribers will respond and come .The good thing is you will know in advance and can prepare. Okay , thats all for now , don't you miss out on our subscribers who want to support you as a local business.
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    In our newsletter we send out , on the left is an example of where your " Friends and Family Unique Offer " graphic will be placed. Here is where you can place information about you or your company or anything you want to say . Below , where the R is will be another link to your offer . Crafted carefully with love. We love what we do, we do what we love.
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    This training is 25 videos and will dynamically and fully arm you with little known techniques and you will transform your marketing efforts. Created in Nov. 2015 for $1250.00 , we are providing it to everyone who uses our newsletter service . Don't miss out on the three most coveted facebook techniques ever ; Custom , Retargeted and Lookalike . We love what we do, we do what we love.
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    If you are or are thinking about using Google Adwords or Facebook ads DO NOT send anyone off site. If you are using google , use the google blogger site , build your landing page there and send your traffic to it. For facebook , create another page and send your traffic there. Nobody wants anyone to leave thier website , not even the big guys. You will be rewarded with lower ad costs and alot more traffic. . We love what we do, we do what we love.
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